What is five Element Acupuncture (saam acupuncture)?

Acupuncture has a history of thousands of years and is based on theory of YIN YANG AND FIVE ELEMENTS.

Five Element Acupuncture practitioners focus on how the elements are interacting with each other. In this system, each element functions to create, support, and control the others, keeping everything in balance.

What is Master's Tung Acupuncture?

Master Tung acupuncture utilizes only a few needles to get fast relief,and so much more. Master Tung acupuncture clears blockages that are casuing problems. Needles are placed at specific points that are distant from your pain or dysfunction. Master Tung acupuncture uses a system of mirrors and images.By treating areas that are opposite and distant to site of dysfunction.

What is Cupping Treatment?

This treatment increases circulation to specific areas by using specially designed cups, that when heated and applied to the skin, form an airtight seal. As the air inside the cups cool, a partial vacuum is created that helps draw toxins from the body, as it increased blood flow to that area. Another method of cupping is through use of a hand pump that produeces similar results. Patients of this therapy report a feeling of relaxation, invigoration a d well-being.

Cupping is used to treatment a broad range of medical conditions such as  blood disorders (anaemia, haemophilia), rheumatic diseases (arthritic joint and muscular conditions), fertility and gynaecological disorders, skin problems (eczema, acne)

Our Physician

Jun Paek L.Ac.
Board Certified Acupuncturist  

Jun Paek has been a practicing acupuncturist in Brea since 2004 with a strong background in the South Korean Saam Acupuncture (Korean Four Needle Technique) and Master Tung's style acupuncture. His areas of specialty include pain management (lower back, neck, shoulder pain, etc.) and rehabilitaion post-sugery, stroke, and cancer treatment. He also specializes in women gynecological problem.

Jun Paek uses gentle and powerful acupuncture techniques. He is dedicated to helping his patients with well-trained experiences.



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